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Rich Rabbit Yacht Club are the BAYC on Binance Chain, we don't believe in any overpromising metaverse now or in the near future; making money should be the coolest thing on the web3. If you agree with us, get 100 millions $RRR and exchange for Rich Rabbit NFT!


Rich Rabbit Yacht Club members come from all over the world, we are connected by the Moon Tokenomics, through the development of the community we will continue to innovate the coolest Tokenomics, and our community members will continue to benefit from it and become richer. That's what we want to do, and our vision is to make the biggest community-led launchpad possible!

Moon Tokenomics

Rich Rabbit NFT will be the prestigious certificate of our club, it will not go on sales publicly. With 100 million $RRRs in the later stage, and we will burn 40% of the exchanged $RRRs, and redistribute the 40% to the NFT holders and 20% to the remaining Genesis Pass holder. Holding more NFTs and earlier will give you higher rewards!

Holding RRR you will be able to initiate community investment proposals and votes, which will give RRR supreme rights, and every NFT minted will burn 40 million RRR, which is crazy deflationary token!


  1. Launching website/social media
  2. Invite KOLs
  3. Publish Genesis Pass
  4. $RRR Launch on DEX
  5. Open the channel to mint the Rich Rabbit NFT
  6. $RRR get listed on CMC
  7. Launching of staking LP
  8. Launchpad 1.0 online
  9. $RRR get listed on CEX